Music Cruises: Undecidedly Awesome?

Robyn and I have a fair share of festival experience under our belts – from the annual locals (Halifax Pop Explosion, NXNE, Canadian Music Week, EdgeFest) to the big American names (Coachella, Bonaroo, Lollapaloza) – and we’ve both got our favourites and some strong opinions on what makes a festival awesome.  Until yesterday – when Coachella announced a special wintertime cruise ship festival to be held on the high seas, one in the Bahamas and one around Jamaica – it had never occurred to us to consider the pros and cons of the fundamental thing our previous experiences had in common:  they were on land.

Apparently the cruise idea isn’t new (see the “Weezer Cruise“, the “Rock Boat“, and the so terrible we can’t believe it exists “Love Letter Cruise“)  – but we’re not convinced that makes it good.  For one, you’re getting less for more – the line up is small – only 22 acts as opposed to last year’s 140+ – and the price tag is high for a short 3-night cruise (prices start at $700/person, plus airfare).  For another, isn’t it the dirty feet, the porta-potty line-ups, and the open sky that makes the festival experience what it is?

I’m curious to see how die-hard Coachellan’s react to this announcement.  Personally, I think this is what a festival should look like:

Coachella 2012

Pemberton, 2008

Bonaroo, 2011

Coachella, 2011, photo courtesy of Dave Woodside


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