Go See: 10th annual Square Foot Exhibition

Friday evening I attended the press and collectors gala marking the 10th anniversary of the Square Foot Art Exhibition.  The show, which runs until August 19th at Twist Gallery, features hundreds of works of art by new and established artists.

The pieces on exhibit reflect a wide range of talent and styles with two commonalities:  all submissions are precisely 12×12 foot square and are being offered for sale at $225 per piece.  These requirements provide amateur artists with an opportunity to show small size works on a level playing field alongside more established artists and make for a unique viewing experience for patrons.  Admission to the show is free and even if art isn’t your thing, it’s a great excuse to check out the beautiful gallery space.

West Queen West is home to loads of other small galleries as well as great bars and restaurants, so head out early and make a day of it.

Gallery Hours:  Wednesday-Saturday 12-7 & Sunday 12-5
Location: Twist Gallery, 1100 Queen St. W. (just west of Dovercourt)


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