Rainy Day Inspiration

I love a good storm when I’m snuggled up on the couch inside with no place else to be.  I do not love the rain when I get caught out on my bike, am trying to get to work, or just spent way too long fighting with my curling iron.  Since this weekend is looking like it’s going to be a grey one, here’s a few ways to make it a bit brighter (and help make sure you don’t miss the Junction Flea!):

1) A colourful and quirky umbrella.  My all-time favourite is this bright yellow beauty that I picked up at Alexander Interiors & Design on King St. East.

2) Rain boots (duh).  If you’ve ever attended (or even seen photos of) a music festival, you know that Hunters are the Louboutin of rubber boots, and conveniently enough, they look pretty darn cool with denim cut offs.  Get Outside on Queen West has a great selection.  The Rain Level line by Regina Regis is also cute enough you may find yourself wishing for even more rain.

3) Water-resistant bike seat.  Most basic gel covers offer some level of water resistance for your bike saddle, but companies like B3 offer easily removable and inexpensive water-resistant covers to keep your bum dry on rainy days.

4) Levis water resistant Commuter jeans.  Available in Toronto at Bikes on Wheels and Cycle Couture these jeans are based around Levi’s  popular skinny jean and are designed to enhance biking performance and comfort.  Most important for this weekend, the Commuter jeans are made of a fabric that makes the denim water resistant and dirt repellant.

5) If all else fails, watch this, then go frolick.


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