Back to Work

This September I’m heading back to work after a delightful five month experiment with retirement.  Since I haven’t been working my fall fashion budget is essentially non-existent, but since for the first time ever I’ll be working in a truly business casual office (yay!), I plan to justify a few colourful purchases to complement my existing collection of boring black and grey suits.  Here’s what I’m envisioning said purchases will look like (yes – there is a reason it looks like a J-Crew ad!):

Since my commute to work will also be a little further, I’m also toying with the idea of a new bike purchase.  I have always been in love with Linus bikes, but the fact that the Dutchie is now available in kelly green makes it tough to beat.

Unfortunately for me, the green is only available in 1-speed, which kind of defeats the purpose of getting a new commuter bike.  Is there such a thing as a bike that looks like a vintage cruiser, rides like a lightweight road bike, and handles potholes and trails like a heavy duty mountain bike?  Suggestions please knowledgeable readers!


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