Mid Week Awesomeness

Given that Monday was a holiday, I suppose that today is not, strictly speaking, hump day, but in honour of the last long weekend of the summer, back to school, and my own return to work, here are five awesome things to help keep you inspired.

1) Limited edition Andy Warhol Campbell Soup series.  Available for sale at Target (sorry Canada) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first showing of Warhol’s paintings.

2) Two adorable and folky fall dresses designed for ModCloth by Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess.  Available for pre-order now.

3) A leatherbound On the Road thermos from the Drake General Store, to keep you caffeinated throughout the work day and dreaming of the adventures that lay ahead.

4) Sparklers for adults (and photographers).  We discovered this trick during a backyard birthday party this summer.  With a long exposure, have one person stand still and trace their body with a sparkler until the shutter closes.  TaDa!  (Side note: Robyn and I are blurry because we were scared of the sparklers and weren’t using a tripod, but with a bit of tweaking, this could make for some awesome shots).  Photo Credit: Bryony Livingston & David Woodside (aka “Stitch & Bitch”).

5) Gangnam Style.  K-Pop at its best.  Just try not to become obsessed with this video.


2 thoughts on “Mid Week Awesomeness

  1. Is there a web site for the sparkler trick? Love you blog!
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    • Thanks for the love! No website, we just discovered it playing with the camera! We were using a digital SLR on AV mode at ISO speed 400 or thereabouts. The key is to get a long exposure and hold the camera steady (which is where a tripod would have been handy). Then have one subject stand still while another traces his/her body (or whatever!) with a sparkler.

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