Adventures in spray paint part 2: Shoes

When searching through the Halloween box at my parents’ place for a sixties parties a few weeks back I found a pair chunky heeled granny style oxfords that just so happened to fit perfectly.  They were a little worse for the wear and the heels had seen better days, but I thought I could resurrect them.  Rather than sinking money into my free shoes at a cobbler, I cleaned them up with some old shoe polish, stuffed the toes with newspaper to get their shape back, replaced the insoles, and spray painted the damaged heels gold.  The result?  Old lady Halloween shoes turned young lady dancing shoes.



Word to the wise:  If you’re trying this project at home, make sure you’re careful to cover all of the shoe you don’t want painted.  I used painters tape around the heel, but was a little too confident in my spraying skills and wound up with a bit of splatter on the leather.


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