Take a Listen: September Shows in Toronto

The Fall is arguably the best time of year for concert-going in Toronto. Summer festival season is over, bands are releasing their latest albums and hitting the road to share their new music.  One look at the upcoming shows roster at Rotate This or Soundscapes will prove our point.

We’ve done our best to sift through the bands and highlight the shows we’re most pumped for on the Upcoming Events tab of the blog, so take a look. Hopefully we can introduce you to some new artists and you’ll be inclined to see them live. Here are some of our picks:

FOR DANCING & FUN: Rich Aucoin

Rich Aucoin’s live shows are infamous! We’ve been  letting loose at his concerts since our days in Halifax, the city Rich hails from. Think pop, think electronic, think FUN! You’ll have no choice but to dance and sing along, trust us – over the course of the shows I’ve seen in the past, some party tricks have included 3D glasses being passed out to the audience to watch the 3D screen, rainbow parachutes being spread over the dance floor, and glow sticks galore. Take a peep at a live Rich Aucoin show and then go get your tickets!!

September 20th, Lee’s Palace, $12.50


From the U.K. (doesn’t that already give them some street cred?!), The Heavy blend soul and rock together in an energizing way. They’ve got 3 albums under their belt and a host of television appearances. Rather than playing How Do You Like Me Now (which you may recognize from Entourage and the movie The Fighter), I’m choosing this ditty to share:

September 23rd, Lee’s Palace, $15.00


Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti is an LA based band who play psychedelic rock (kind of like this video!). Ariel Pink’s songs always traverse genres and never seize to present the unexpected, taking you to different tunes and melodies all within the same tracks. Discovered and supported by indie darlings Animal Collective, Ariel Pink just released his second album last week titled Mature Themes.

September 19, Lee’s Palace, $20.00


Anyone growing slightly tired of the rock meets electronic meets pop sound? Am I alone in missing some good classic rock & roll? Give MUTEMATH a chance. In my opinion they are quality rock that is lying far too low under the radar. A 5-piece band from New Orleans, MUTEMATH is 3 albums into their career and are a quality stadium rock band. They’ll be playing at the Phoenix, which I think is just perfect!

September 25, Phoenix, $25.00


I’ve seen The Antlers in the most polarizing of venues: at a music festival in a crowd of 75,000 and opening for The National at Massey Hall, and both times I was just blown away.  Best yet, as much as I loved their first album Hospice, their sophomore album was one of my soundtracks to my summer of 2011 and top albums of last year. There are 6 separate indie shows playing in Toronto on September 25th and I think you can’t go wrong with any of them – but I’d be choosing to see The Antlers at The Great Hall.

September 25, Great Hall, $21.50


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