Go: Hit the Road

The fall (or spring or summer, really) is a perfect time of the year to get behind the wheel for a classic road trip. Blast the tunes, gaze over the dashboard at the changing colours of the leaves and take in the fresh crisp air. Step one in planning the trip begs the questions about where to go and how to get there. For those of you adventurous souls with desire and the time to take a trip, check out Hit the Road.

Here’s the concept:  There are plenty of people out there who want to get their cars to another city, but don’t necessarily want to drive them there. That’s where you swoop in. Hit the Road hooks up car owners with drivers like you and me to drive their cars to specific destinations. Your car insurance and the gas to get you there is covered, financing your travel one way – you can even pile people into the car and take them with you.

I’ve been watching the car routes for some time  now and the drives are often across Canada or from major cities such as Vancouver and Toronto to snowbird destinations like Florida, Arizona and California.

Hit the Road is great for the budget-conscious traveller, especially given that one-way flights don’t usually cost more than return tickets these days. Check out the board listing the available routes and you may just score some ideas and wheels for an upcoming trip!


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