Hump Day Wednesday / Welcome to Fall

With my last few weeks being so packed (with all things fun, no complaints!), things have changed and I’ve barely noticed the transition. Suddenly it’s too cold for sundresses. Suddenly TIFF is over. Suddenly pumpkin flavours are everywhere!

For the past two weekends, I’ve had the privilege of attending the weddings of dear friends in Muskoka, Ontario. What a beautiful time of year and place to get married. Love inspiring, really. ♥

Fall is my favorite “flavour” season. Pumpkin, spice, squash, cinnamon, vanilla… Mmm. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say in upcoming posts about scrumptious fall recipes as we dive into the season. This weekend I tried two just released delicious beers by Mill Street: Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Ale in the Autumn Harvest Sampler.

As we get hints of cold weather, I’ve resurrected my favorite lip balm. Simply the best. You may have to go into the men’s section of Sephora to find Jack Black, but this product is most definitely unisex.  My favorite scent is the Blackberry Black Tea.

As fall arrives, so does the the Jewish New Year. My mother’s honey cake (for a sweet new year!) and freshly baked raisin egg bread (or challah) are  amongst my favorite treats every holiday season.

Raisin bread, apples & honey, chicken soup with dumplings and honey cake for the Jewish New Year!

Just in case the dip in temperature has you sad, New York Fashion Week has come to a close and I’m already in love with everything about Marchesa’s 2013 Spring collection. If sarees are becoming high fashion, I’ll be first on that band wagon!

Marchesa Spring 2013, pictures from


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