Wood, White & Whiskey: Best of Ikea 2013

I’m thirty years old.  I own a house and a car.  I completed my undergraduate degree seven years ago.  Yet I still pour over a new Ikea catalogue like it’s the September edition of Vogue.  It’s cheap, generic and doesn’t last, and for all those reasons, I think it’s awesome.  As a chronic redecorator (and someone who has moved 3 times in the last 3 years) I appreciate that Ikea helps me customize and update each space without breaking the bank.  I also love the “hackability” of Ikea furniture (if you’re not already familiar with Ikea Hackers, you have to check it out) and the wide range of creative storage solutions.

The Ikea 2013 catalogue was recently released and my local Ikea has already been totally revamped to feature new products and put a fresh face on classic pieces.  Here are some of my favourites for 2013:

1) Raskog kitchen trolley $69.99 – This has to be my favourite new addition.  The turquoise is perfectly retro and is just screaming “turn me into me a bar cart!!!”

2) Ikea PS 2012 side tables $29.99-$39.99 – I love the white on wood and the various tops with storage (chose from flat, one large bowl, or four separate sections).  I’ve already seen them used for art supplies, planting, and snack service and I think these would be awesome for kids or crafty adults.

3) Ikea PS 2012 dining table $199 – The bamboo on white aluminum looks fresh and clean and the table folds/extends to make the most out of small spaces.

4) Frasera whiskey glasses $3.49/each – Whiskey glasses, from Ikea!  Enough said.

5) Ikea PS 2012 chest/dresser $479 (with add on unit) –  I love the asymmetrical shape and the DIY possibilities.

What are your Ikea must haves?


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