DENY Designs: Making Masterpieces of the Mundane

My darling friend Julie recently introduced me to DENY Designs.  If my description of poor Jules sounds somewhat flippant, it’s because it is.  Not because Julie isn’t, in fact, darling (she is), but because this website is AMAZING, and I thereby blame her for my new found desire to redecorate my entire house and the damage to my bank account that will undoubtedly ensue.  So thanks, Julie, both sarcastically and genuinely, from the bottom of my soon-to-be-even-poorer heart.

DENY describes itself as a “modern, think-outside-the-box home furnishings company.”   The concept: transfer unique and original works of art onto everyday household accessories, turning something as mundane as a shower curtain into show stopping statement piece.  Although also offering the option of transferring your own personal images, the artwork featured in the DENY Art Gallery is infinitely cooler than anything I could ever design myself.  Plus, the artist behind the design earns a part of the proceeds from every purchase from the Gallery and has the opportunity to have their work featured in homes around the globe.  Feel good arts community promotion aside, this stuff is just plain awesome.

Some of the work is admittedly reminiscent of prints I’ve seen at Urban Outfitters, but more of it was new to me, and the option of having it on your bed or in your bathroom instead of on your walls is what makes this so cool.  Even if you’re not in the market for textiles, this is a great site to introduce yourself to some new artistic talent.  Personally, I have a new found love for the Prada prints by Lana Greben, the bright colours of Amy Sia,  Bianca Green’s whimsy, Holly Sharpe’s vibrant, inky images, Kris Tate’s tribal animals and Shannon Clark’s dreamy photography.  The question now is, which ones?  And where?  Greben for the bathroom?  Sia on the bed?  HOW WILL I EVER CHOOSE?  (Case in point: I’ve had emails from Julie the last two days seeking help narrowing down her own lengthy wish lists.)

If the sample images on the site look computer generated, it’s because they are.  Each product is printed at the time of order, so every item is custom made.  More importantly, this isn’t just a DIY  screen print image transfer.  DENY uses a printing process that actually dyes the fibers of the various textiles (or, in the case of the hanging art pieces, the coated aluminum), meaning vibrant, fade-resistant products for you!


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