Cozy up for Fall

It’s a tired, grumpy, in my pjs by 7pm kind of night.  Although not typically such a grump, I find that the urge to hunker down and cuddle up is a natural consequence of fall.  I don’t know if it’s simply part of our biological make up, but a love of sweaters and boots seems almost universal to Canadians.  Perhaps it’s less about loving fall than it is fearing for winter, but whatever the reason, I know I’m in a hibernation kind of mood.  If you need some help embracing the dropping temperatures, check out my must have cozy list:

1) Giant, comfy sweaters.  Since this blog tends to err on the girly side, here’s a tip for our male readers: Top Man (now at the Bay) has the BEST fall sweaters.  I’m a sucker for cardigan style sweaters and Top Man’s cable knits and faux suede patches seriously amp up the cute factor.  Both of the gentlemen in my house own one and I’ve got my eye on one of the patterned versions for myself.

2) Wood Wick Candles.  These might be kind of cheesy, but if you don’t have a fireplace, they’re an amazing way to get that gorgeous cackling sound at home.  If you’re not familiar with wood wicks, they’re exactly what they sound like – candles with wicks made of wood, that cackle like a fire as they burn.  Stack some logs in the corner, light one of these babies, close your eyes, and you’ll never know any better.  The best part?  They even come in a fireside scent designed to smell like the real thing.

3) Tea.  I developed an unhealthy obsession with David’s Tea while working in the PATH last winter.  David’s has new flavours every season and their seasonal sample packs are amazing.  The current fall collection has one of my favourites (pumpkin chai) and one I’ve been dying to try (toasted marshmallow).  My all time favourite?  Movie night – a green tea sweetened with maple and apple and full of pieces of popcorn.

4) Scarves.  I’m a scarves all year round kind of girl, but come the fall, it’s all about the chunky knit cowls and infinity scarves.  I found this grey beauty on Pinterest and since my knitting skills stagnated shortly after earning the applicable Brownie badge, I’m scouring Etsy for something similar.

What are your hibernation essentials?


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