Join: Car2Go

I spent Thanksgiving in Calgary this year and had the pleasure of attending an East Coast style dinner with my friend Nate. Being the somewhat responsible adults we are, we knew better than to drive to a dinner party hosted by a Newfoundlander :)  We used Nate’s membership to a car share service and drove a Smart Car to dinner. This car share service is incredible, is turning others like Auto Share and Zip Car on their heads, and best yet: I have since learned that we’ve got it in Toronto!  Friends, Car2Go just may change our lives!

Car2Go is bringing flexibility to the car share market. What sets Car2Go apart from its competitors is that there is no designated return time or location. Once you’re a member and you have a membership card, simply scan your card into the dashboard to unlock the car and grab the key inside. Download the App or go to the website to see where there are cars available. The entire fleet is 2-seat Smart Cars that are parked in Green P (and other designated) parking lots around Toronto.

Now this is the kicker: Car2Go allows you to pick up your car in one location and return it to any other Green P parking spot in the city. The “designated area” boundaries are generous (about the Kingsway to the west, the Beach to the east and Eglinton to the north). Your card is hooked up to your credit card and you’re charged 35 cents per minute (to a max of $12.99/hr). There’s no yearly fee, just a one-time registration fee, and the 35 cents per minute includes your gas and insurance.

Running late for dinner in Parkdale? Grab a Car2Go and park it in a Green P lot in the west end! The trip probably won’t cost you much more than your TTC token.  Want to pick up a friend from the airport? No problem – take the car outside of the boundaries, keep it for a couple of hours and return it when you’re back in the home area.  Find yourself at dinner around Yonge & Eglinton and can’t find a cab home? Pull up the App and grab a car nearby.

The timing of my introduction to Car2Go couldn’t be better. They are hosting a Mobile Feast party at 525 King St. W. this Thursday, Oct. 25th featuring food trucks and free eats for members and if you’re at the party you can get a lifetime membership + 30 minutes for FREE. You really have absolutely nothing to lose. I’ll see you there?


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