C’est l’Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!  Although I was out of the country for all the parties this weekend, that hasn’t stopped me from getting into the Halloween spirit in time for the big night.  My parents brought us a huge pumpkin before we went away and Jason got to work hollowing it out on Monday.  Monday night we had pumpkin soup and yesterday we carved the big guy (please reserve your judgment – I was working around a big rotting space on the prime carving surface), roasted the seeds and made a pumpkin loaf.  There were still loads of guts left over, so we threw them into a smoothie this morning.

If you’re curious, our smoothie experiment yielded some pretty delicious results.  You’ll have to experiment with the quantities, but we tossed a big handful of pumpkin into a blender with a few chopped dates, a banana, some soy milk, a touch of vanilla and some cinnamon.  It was oddly reminiscent of egg nog and totally delicious.

Tonight we’re having a few friends over to watch scary movies and relive one of Jason’s childhood traditions:  a pre trick or treating scario feast.  The last two years we haven’t been able to find proper scarios, so we’ve settled for the scooby doo crew.  I’m pretty sure there’s a ghost in there somewhere, and the saucy comfort factor is identical.

Since we missed last week I didn’t want to go overboard on decorations, but a few scary touches were essential.  Thankfully, the dollarstore is a goldmine at holidays and a few tweaks (I spray painted a cheap plastic skull gold) can turn plastic trinkets into moderately classy looking decor.

This is my first year in a house of my own and since we’re on a pretty residential street, I’m hoping for some trick or treaters.  We’ve got a huge bowl of candy ready and I’ve got my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates so I’m not forced to eat it all myself (because that would be terrible).

Whatever you’re doing tonight, have fun and stay dry!


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