Transitory Trends: Statement Necklaces on a Budget

It will come as no news to the fashion savy amongst you that this has been a very neck heavy year in the accessory world.  From the runway to the blogosphere, enormous statement necklaces and embellished collars have been key players in this year’s accessory market.

My own scarf obsession has tended to make me more of a bracelet girl (my go to necklace is an “antique” “gold” locket that my grandmother bought for me at a garage sale), but I also love anything that dresses up my comfy basics and appreciate the dramatic way a statement necklace/collar can completely transform an outfit.  Although big necklaces felt too heavy for me in the warmer months, the season of sparkles and drama is now upon us and I’m ready to get serious in the jewelry department.

While statement necklaces have been around for a while and as accessories, are, at least in my opinion, automatically more timeless than some of their wardrobe counterparts, since I know they won’t get the wear they deserve from me, I sought out some budget options so I could indulge without the commitment.

My love for metallics and spikes has me wondering if there’s a repressed rockstar hiding somewhere deep down inside my tone deaf and musically bereft body, but my fear of the spotlight is happy to simply dress the part.  This cascading fringe from Urban Outfitters has the perfect amount of pretty to keep an edgy statement from looking too harsh.

So called bubble/bauble necklaces seem to be easy to come by on Etsy.  I found some I particularly liked (at a price I love) at a little shop based out of China called… wait for it… Dollar Jewelry!  Hilarious, I know, but I’ve gotten numerous compliments on and inquiries regarding my purchases and they’ve only made it out in public once so far!  I won’t claim these are high quality goods, but they’re (relatively) well made, available in piles of colours and shapes, and you can stock up without breaking the bank.  I personally think this teal number would be gorgeous for fall.

If collars are more your speed, I think it’s tough to beat this beaded beauty from H&M for the holiday season. Dress up a plain white tee, transform that boring sheath dress or add some sparkle to your neckline to transition your LBD from the office to holiday cocktails.

Finally, while this colourful multi-strand beauty by Assad Mounser is way out of my jewelry budget, it’s got my DIY wheels turning.  A little climbing rope, some chinese knotting thread, a trip to the hardware store, the right clasp and a whole lot of patience might just do the trick.

Whatever your poison, master DIY’ers Honestly WTF and P.S. I Made This are fantastic sources for those of you inclined to give it a go yourself.  If you’re a fan of unique hand made goods, but prefer to leave the design and execution to the experts, the One of a Kind arts and craft show in Toronto is right around the corner and Etsy never disappoints.  Happy blinging!


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