Indie Coffee Passport

Now in its third year of circulation, the Indie Coffee Passport is nothing new to the city, but as more and more indie coffee houses seem to be popping up around my home and office, I decided it was finally time to learn more.

Like the Passport to Prana, which allows you to attend one yoga class at a long list of studios for a mere $30, the Indie Coffee Passport entitles holders to a specialty coffee at each of the thirty participating brew houses.

At first, $25 seemed a little steep to me for coffee (particularly given that my Yoga pass was only $5 more) but then I did some math: I figure I spend roughly $12 a week on coffee.  That includes one latte and a few regular brews, one of which will inevitably be on Starbucks’ magical clover machine.  The Indie Coffee Passport gives holders seven months to sample one of six specialty drinks on offer at each location.  You can check out what each coffee shop is offering on the website, but they typically include variations of all of your favourite espresso based drinks as well as teas and regular brews.  Even if you only visit 6 or 7 of the participating shops, those $4 lattes cover the cost of the pass pretty quickly.  I just checked and I’ve been to six of the locations listed in the past few months and there are a handful more within walking distance from my house.  Like the Passport to Prana, the Indie Coffee Passport gives you that added incentive to walk a block or two over and check out some new places and sample some new brews.  Who knows – you may wind up with a new favourite!

Participating coffee shops include Monarch Espresso Bar, I Deal Coffee, Cafe Unwind, the Grind House and the Black Canary among many others.

The bad news: the Passport runs on a specific timeline that started on September 1st.  You can purchase them any time, but the current passes expire on March 31, 2012.  I figure that’s still loads of time to get some serious coffee drinking in, particularly during the frigid months that lay ahead, but if you’d prefer to wait for the next round, I’ll be sure to stay on top of its release for next year!


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