Dream Up Your Next Vacation

By now you’ve seen that Kelly and I have a serious case of the travel bug. I always have a vacation of sorts to look forward to, whether it be a short weekend getaway, a trip across the country to visit friends or a bigger adventure to another continent. Well, apparently not always. Although I’m not far off the tails from a jaunt to the west coast, I am ready to plan my next trip. Something has to get me through the dreary winter we’re about to face!

Last year I was gifted the most awesome travel book ever: “Make the Most of your Time on Earth: 1000 Ultimate Travel Experiences” by Rough Guides. My friend Julia wrote a perfect message in the front cover: I hope this book helps to inspire you and create memories. It is doing just that!


Divided by regions, the 1000 experiences range from specific activities, seeing architectural and geographic wonders , participating in famous festivals and events, trying regional specific foods to picturesque train and car trips. The index at the back of the book divides up the experiences by theme, too. Each experience is supplemented with a brief 2-3 paragraph description and often a vivid picture that surely can only begin to capture its beauty.

From pearl diving in the Persian Gulf, heading up the Tsiribhihina in a dugout canoe in Madagascar, going to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, elbowing through the crowds for Esala Perahera in Sri Lanka to watching a football match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia – there is something for everyone!

Similar to the Rough Guide, “1000 Places to see Before you Die” is a similar compilation of incredible experiences to dream about. A #1 New York Times Bestseller, the most recent edition has been edited to include more budget-conscious recommendations for restaurants and accommodations.

While searching for pictures of these book covers, I came across the newest addition to my wish list: “Food Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe“. This book describes world-class food markets, seasonal delicacies from around the world, favorite street foods and ultimate luxuries. Talk about a foodie’s dream!

Whether, like me, you’re ready to dream up your next vacation or looking for a great gift for loved ones with that contagious virus that is the travel bug, definitely give these a go! But seriously – I’m ready to plan my next trip: any suggestions???


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