Holiday Gift Guide: The Fashionista

Shopping for the fashionista on your list is both simple (she wants clothes & accessories of course!) and impossible (but which ones? what size?  what does she already have???).  While we can’t help with everything, we’ve put together a list of special items at a variety of price points.

under $25


1) This has been a major year in nail polish.  Sounds strange, but it’s true.  Manicures became a new art form in 2012 and nail polish is an easy and inexpensive way to accessorize an outfit.  Many nailpolish companies release holiday collections and cosmetic stores like Sephora are a great place to pick up gift sets.  For something really special, pick up a bottle of OPI’s “It’s Real” – clear nailpolish with real 18 karat gold flakes and help her dazzle through the holidays.

2) Cocktail rings are one of our favourite accessories for the holiday season and given their large size, typically fall into the costume jewellery (i.e. relatively inexpensive) category.  Big chains like Forever 21 and H&M are always great sources for super cheap accessories, but many of the rings at smaller local boutiques like Love of Mine and the Made You Look accessory shop also come in around the $25 mark.  Parkdale’s many vintage shops are also an awesome source for blingy costume jewelry.

3) Coloured/textured/patterned tights are something that the fashion forward set can’t have too many pairs of in the winter time.  Hue is queen when it comes to tights – look for them at the Bay – there you’ll find every colour and pattern under the sun.  American Apparel is also a great resource if you want to take things up a notch – they have a whole line of tights with two different coloured legs.

4) Belts are a great way to totally change up an outfit and can easily be found for under $25.  H&M is a great place for basics, while Urban Outfitters has some beautiful embellished waist belts.  The stock at Durumi & Chocolate Shoes is constantly changing, but I would always pay them a visit any time you’re in the market for unique, reasonably priced accessories.

5) Standing around at holiday parties in 4 inch heels can be tough on even seasoned heel wearers.  Give her feet a break at the end of the night by sticking a pair of foldable flats in her stocking.  Even if she wouldn’t be seen leaving the house in them, she’ll be thanking you when she pulls them out of her purse at the end of the night.

6) We wrote about inexpensive statement necklaces earlier this month and one of my favourites from that collection was the sparkly pearly collar necklace by H&M.  Collar necklaces are available everywhere right now and they give just the right amount of bling to an otherwise boring outfit.

under $100


1) Hardcover coffee table books featuring a particular designer, model or period in fashion history are a must have for any fashionista who brings her love of fashion into the home.  The Kate Moss Book (created by Kate herself) is a gorgeous collectors item printed with eight different covers.  It is currently sold out at Chapters, which makes it all that more covet-worthy. [note from Robyn: I saw many copies in The Room at the Bay!] For more design focused ideas, check out the list compiled by

2) Nothing says winter like fur and faux fur vests, stoles and earmuffs are both luxe and affordable.  I picked up my vest for a little over $100 at Urban Outfitters, but they are everywhere this season.  November’s Junction Flea featured several stalls with beautiful faux fur collars and stoles.  Check it out the second Sunday in December.

3) An evening clutch is a special gift that will come in particularly handy over the holiday season.  Given their smaller size, I love using a clutch to jazz up a relatively neutral outfit.  From studded leopard print to embellished jewel tones, I don’t think there’s such thing as too much when it comes to an evening bag.  Durumi and Chocolate Shoes carries a sparkling, studded knuckle ring clutch that has rockstar glam written all over it.  (Confession: the ones in the picture are by Alexander McQueen.  Swoon.)

4) Few and far between is a fashion lover who doesn’t also love cosmetics.  Many brands put together pretty amazing gift sets around the holidays.  Robyn’s already mentioned MAC’s brush sets (which are probably sold out already!) and Sephora carries piles of awesome compilations. Although many of their best gift sets are available online (or in the US) only, we are big fans of the annual mascara sets which have been purchased religiously (in Toronto) for the past several years.

5) Shoes are not an easy thing to buy for another person, but if you know her shoe size, I don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of studded loafers this winter.  My personal favourites are the dusty rose satin Sam Edelmans I discovered at Heel Boy just yesterday (although admittedly, they exceed the $100 mark).

6) I may be going out on a limb here, but I think American Apparel‘s chiffon blouses and maxi skirts are the most versatile (and therefore essential) item any woman can own.  I have worn my double layered maxi skirt in summer and fall, as a strapless dress and a draped skirt, with sweaters and with tanks.  My oversized chiffon blouse has a magical way of dressing up leggings and boots and has become my air travel go to.


collage 3

1) This practically goes without saying when discussing luxury fashion items, but I’ll say it anyway: cashmere.  If you’ve got some money to spend, a cashmere wrap cardigan or infinity scarf would make any fashion lover’s day.  If you’re on more of a budget, cashmere socks are one of those things that you’d never consider buying yourself but would gladly accept as a gift.

2) Robyn posted about stylish winter coats last week and I’ve been fairly obsessed with Zara‘s coat collection this year.  Torontonians have no choice but to bundle up come winter, so help her do it in style.

3) Dresses are another tough thing to pick up for another person, but if you’re confident about her size, keep your eye out for a leather embellished shift dress or anything featuring lace.  We adore almost anything by Rachel Roy (available at the Bay) and Tibi dresses are to die for.

4) A silk scarf is a one-size fits all luxury item sure to please any fashion lover on your list.  Hermes is the ultimate scarf indulgence and I believe I would die on the spot if ever gifted such extravagance.


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