Nike Training Club

We are getting to that time of year when holiday parties make moderation and keeping a healthy diet challenging to say the least. I try to amp up my workouts around December to counter some of the guilt-inducing chocolate, latkes and eggnog that I have trouble refusing.

After doing the same  full-body High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout program for about a year now, I’ve grown quite tiresome of it lately. I’ve already talked about how spinning is a staple in my exercise routine,  but we all know that nothing gets you results like doing sets of lunges, squats and burpees (oh my!).

To the chagrin of Blackberry users out there, I need to tell you about the FREE Nike Training Club app (available as of yesterday on Android, too!) for your iPhone or tablet. I’ve only used it a couple of times so far, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to change my life.

With over 100 workouts to choose from, the Nike Training Club app has workouts for everyone at every level. You start out by choosing your goal, followed by your fitness level, and then select a workout from a list of varying lengths (15, 30 and 45 minute workouts). I’ve been doing the 45 minute high interval cardio workouts and they remind me of group-style bootcamps that I’ve done in the past.



Each workout is broken down into timed intervals and is accompanied by an audio guide (your trainer!) who counts you down and gives you key reminders related to your form for each exercise.  If you can’t follow along, there are both pictures to illustrate proper form or short videos demonstrating how to do the exercise.

The workouts use minimal equipment: a mat, dumbbells and a medicine ball are all I’ve come across so far. The app will also sync to the music on your phone to help keep you motivated.


You can track your completed workouts to see your progress at the end and share your results with friends to help keep you motivated. Your completed workout minutes also unlock special (celebrity) workouts as you reach certain levels: Rihanna and Lea Michele from Glee both have workouts to unlock.

A couple of tips I’d like to share:

  • consider turning your notification settings off while you work out so you’re not disturbed – it’s not always productive to have your phone and email settings going off while you’re trying to work up a sweat!
  • I also suggest taking a few minutes to review all of the exercises in your workout before you begin so you aren’t constantly pausing your workout trying to figure out the next move , causing your heart-rate to plummet!
  • Nike Training Club seems to be a great fit for women; for men’s workouts try Nike BOOM.

At this point, all I need to do is figure out the best way to carry my iPhone around while I’m at the gym. Why are workout tops with pockets so hard to find?! I think that an ugly arm band is going to be the way to go. If anyone has any other suggestions for me, please pass them along!


7 thoughts on “Nike Training Club

  1. I take the NTC in Dallas 6 days a weeks.I Love it!! Now I moved back to Houston and 24 hours fitness does not have NTC available. I using a Samsung Note 3.Was a Note 2.Snice I upgraded to my new phone NTC app is not available. I seem to found out about this Nike BOOM for men.Please help me.Thank You

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