Holiday Gluttony

Happy New Year, Friends!!

Let it be known that for the past couple of holiday seasons I have exhibited incredible willpower and restraint by resisting temptation, never skipping a workout and sticking to an uber healthy eating regime. Well this year that ALL went out the window.

I tried out all of those carb and sugar-laden recipes that I so often bookmark, but rarely make in the kitchen – ballpark pretzels, homemade pasta and nutella cinnamon rolls! Mmm!

I went to new restaurants that I’ve been meaning to try for ages – most notably, Redfish for brunch (lobster omelette with carmelized onions?!). I tasted the highly sought-after Belgian monk-brewed “best beer in the world”, Westvleteren 12 (Toronto pub Sin & Redemption sells it by the bottle!). I also dangerously discovered Dough Toronto’s doughnuts (must try flavour: browned butter).

I pampered myself with pretty manicures, saw the fabulous Basia Bulat perform at the AGO, had a soul-warming visit with one of my favorite people in the world, and rang in the new year with the best company a girl could ask for.

Now that I have sufficiently (and excessively) indulged, it’s time for clean January! Case and point: my big Boxing Day purchase was a new pair of trainers. Beyond that, I’m taking this new year one day at a time! Wishing you all nothing but the best! xo




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