Red Fish

This may sound ridiculous, but as much as there seems to be an infinite list of places to eat brunch in this fair city, I’m growing tired of them. As a relatively health conscious eater, there are only so many egg white omelettes and eggs Benny with hollandaise sauce on the side that I can take. While fried chicken & waffles and bacon pancakes tug at the heartstrings of many, to me it’s a caloric minefield that just isn’t worth the damage.

Enter Red Fish:


I came across the suggestion to try Red Fish in a random Chowhound message thread about brunch in the city.  True to its name, Red Fish is a fish and seafood restaurant.  Located in the Corso Italia neighbourhood along College Street, Red Fish uses only sustainable and seasonal fish so to promote guilt-free dining. And guess what? They take reservations for Sunday brunch! Unreal!

As soon as I arrived at the restaurant, I was warmly greeted by the staff by handshakes and a perfect americano. Lucky for me, I was brunching (yes, it’s a noun and an adjective – but only in Toronto) with a friend with equally adventurous taste buds and a penchant for sharing. We landed on the daily special and our waitress’ house favorites.

brunchWe started out with a fish cake. Although it was clearly fresh and had great texture, it was our least favorite dish for the lack of substantial pieces of fish inside. But from here, it all went uphill.  Next up was our favorite: the Steelhead trout rillette served with toasted crostinis and a variety of pickled accoutrements. The trout was perfectly smoked, not fishy at all and there was plenty to share.  Our first main was the Octopus Hash, which was served with poached eggs, a perfect dollop of lemony hollandaise sauce, and toast grilled in a pan, which is always a treat! For the second main we opted for the daily omelette:  lobster and caramelized onion.  Take a look at the picture and see the huge pieces of lobster coming out the bottom, I don’t think I need to say anything more about it (mm mm mmm!). Might I add, the omelette was an incredibly reasonable $12. Paired with a mimosa, we were feeling pretty regal during this brunch!

Our bill came with the cutest finishing touch to the meal: two (swedish) red fish.


I’m looking forward to returning for dinner. Check out their regular menu, Wednesday Date Night menu and special Valentine’s Day menu on their website. It surely won’t disappoint.

890 College Street (w. of Ossington)

(416) 733-3474


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