Current Obsessions

Although I will  readily adopt a trend when it fits well with my general style and aesthetic, I tend to think of myself more as a creature of habit, at least when it comes to the basics.  Despite a closet full of clothes, my day to day uniform doesn’t vary much (skinnies, my falling apart riding boots, and some combination of stripes/chambray with a scarf/cardi); I keep my linens white; paint walls grey; and believe in mustard accents in every room of the house.  This relatively simple palate facilitates my love of re-decorating and accessorizing and I’ve currently found myself obsessing over certain accents that I am itching to incorporate into my home/wardrobe.

Marquee lights – Perhaps it’s a (relatively) new found love of vintage, the year-round Junction Flea, or some unknown and repressed memories of the circus, but I have been obsessing over marquee lights for sometime now.  This obsession has me coveting a lofty space filled with exposed brick walls to properly showcase these pieces, but since a move isn’t in the cards any time soon, I have plenty of time to keep searching for the perfect piece.  If my obsession is contagious, check out Etsy for both vintage and reproduction marquee signs or make yourself a custom piece with these DIY instructions from the folks over at Oh Happy Day.


Polka dots 
– To be honest, I didn’t think that polka dots were a current obsession so much as a life-long love, but the very first thing out of my boyfriend’s mouth when I asked about my current obsessions was “polka dots.”  I inquired as to whether I wasn’t always a fan of dots, but was informed that I’ve been particularly obsessed as of late.  A quick glimpse into my closet revealed about  a dozen dotted items, from jeans, through blouses and skirts, and I know a further look would reveal a polka dot weekend bag, multiple pairs of tights, and a scarf or two, not to mention the blanket I’m curled up in right now.  I will forever love Kate Spade and Marimekko for their shared love of dots and would likely have a kitchen filled with dotted dishes if not for the restraint exercised by the man of the house.


Clockwise (sort of) from top left: Alice & Olivia top, Ikea bedding, Marimekko pants, Kate Spade Dress, Marimekko for Converse hightops, Hue tights, Toms shoe, Kate Spade watch, Marimekko coat, Kate Spade dishes and Marimekko pillow.

Cambie Alpaca wool blankets
 -I’ve been obsessing over these blankets since discovering them at the Junction Flea several months back and have since returned to visit them at The Arthur on College street.  Designer Camille Byrne – the face behind Cambie Design – grew up traveling between homes in Canada and Peru and hand-selects and imports these beauties from Lima.  All blankets are hand-finished in 30% alpaca wool and 70% cotton for the perfect combination of warmth and comfort.  Available in a variety of vibrant colours and patterns, the blankets are also available online direct from Cambie.


These beautiful photos have to be credited back to the talented stylists and photographers at Cambie

Beeswax candles 
– I’m not sure when this obsession started, but my love for beeswax has me convinced that I need to start making my own candles at home.  Beeswax candles are completely natural and non-toxic and are said to emit negative ions which clean dust, mould, odours and viruses from the air.  Personally, I simply love their long-burn time and natural honey smell.  Beeswax candles tend to be significantly pricier than their paraffin counterparts, but blocks of beeswax can be fairly readily found on Etsy or from various suppliers in Toronto, melted down and poured into mason jars or old candle holders.  Add a cotton wick and you’ve got yourself a beautiful (and relatively inexpensive) homemade candle.  Stay tuned for my DIY attempt at candle-making!


Moravian stars 
– This obsession started when searching for a lantern style light for our front porch.  Although the porch still remains in the dark, I have pages of these glass star lights flagged and want to incorporate them all over my house from the entryway to the bedroom.  I love the elegant drama they add to hallways and the way they cast light around the room when lit.   Although Home Depot carries a basic version, something about it lacks the magic that handmade or antique versions seem to have.  My mission for the perfect Moravian star pendant continues…


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