Music Festivals: Summer of ’13 edition

Fair warning: in approximately 36 hours, you will start to get inundated from every social media outlet with pictures and amazing one-of-a-kind moments that you’ve missed from cutely dressed, good looking people seeing amazing live concerts (or people like this). These people are, in fact, cooler than you for the next 72 hours because they get to be in Palm Springs, California seeing shows that you’ve dreamed of seeing (Blur. New Order. Wu-Tang Clan.). And it won’t help that it is mid-April and these folks won’t think twice about posting pictures of the hot desert sun and palm trees while we peeps here in Canada have to deal with freezing rain. Honey, life ain’t fair.

Good news, friends! Many of these acts are making their way to our parts! So keep tabs on the reviews raving about the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s amazing live showMacklemore’s crazy trick where he walks on top of the crowd or the feeling of dancing with thousands of sweaty, happy people to Eric Prydz.

There’s such a variety of live music coming to us. There’s electronic, there’s folk, there’s jazz, there’s rock n roll. Choose one, two or damn it – fill your summer with live music! THIS is what summers are about. I will say one thing: If you want to escape the province and go on an adventure, make it Osheaga this year. This year’s lineup is the best of the best.











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