Urban Patio Prep

Given the weather we’ve had so far this spring, I’m not optimistic that the sun is here to stay quite yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from preparing for patio season.  While many of us Torontonians don’t have the luxury of a sprawling backyard, even the smallest balconies can be transformed into luxurious summer escapes.  Here are a few of my favourite inspiration photos and some resources to help get you started on your own planning.

1) Bohemian Balcony

patio one

Keep it relaxed and comfortable with a basic black and white sectional, then add some whimsy with these awesome mosiac tables from West Elm.  Throw in some plant life, a few colourful outdoor throw cushions, an Ikea lantern or two, and bam – an eclectic outdoor chill space.

2) Elegant Oasis

patio 3

If simplicity is more your thing, stick with a neutral palette with pops of plant life.  I love these outdoor cushions from Target and these wall mounted planters from Anthropologie add a playful touch.  Cover that ugly concrete deck with patio tiles from Ikea and then set the mood with this oil lamp from CB2.

3) Clean and Green

patio 2

If you’ve got an empty wall or the ability to add some height to your patio, consider incorporating a vertical garden to create your very own green space in the city.  There are loads of DIY instructions out there and retailers like Flora Grub Gardens even sell wall panels to help get you started.  Keep it simple with a wire dining set and add a pop of colour with bright cushions or serving trays.

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