Vice Canada Gets the Munchies in Toronto

If you’re not familiar with VICE magazine, then this is me introducing you to something to help up the cool quotient in your life. A free lifestyle magazine, VICE is always cutting edge on all the important stuff like fashion, food, music, books, film (bah! I kid.. kinda). You get the picture.


Somewhat recently, VICE introduced the beta version of its Canadian website chock-full of interesting local content. Whoever they have chosen to have their ear to the ground in Toronto has done this city proud. The “Munchies” section, which visits popular and innovative food and drink establishments in city, represents Toronto wonderfully.  The concept: choose a hot restaurant, take its owner(s) and staff around to their favorite spots in the city, feed them copious amounts of alcohol and food and take them back to their own kitchens at the end of the night for late night grub.

There are 3 videos so far, all worthy of watching. I’ve been to all of these places and will vouch for the excellence of each of them.

Meet Jenn Agg + staff/friends, who visit Parkdale’s Grand Electric for tacos, Kensington Market’s Cold Tea for drinks, then end the evening in her kitchen at The Blackhoof.

Meet Executive Chef Masaru Ogasawara who takes you to my favorite Italian restaurant in the city, Enoteca Sociale, followed by drinks at the Toronto Temperance Society (remember when I snuck in?!), and then back to his Guu empire.

Finally, meet Grant Van Gameron, who starts out celebrating the 1st anniversary of Bellwoods Brewery at the Ossington resto/brewery, chows down at 416 Snack Bar, heads for more drinks at the beer empire Bar Volo, then caps off the night at his newly opened and much acclaimed restaurant, Bar Isabel.


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