Keep Cool as a Cucumber

This week has been a hot one!! My attempts at keeping cool this week have included frequent trips to the Hipster Pool (open until 11:45 each night this week!), margaritas & cervezas galore, and making the swap from my morning brewed coffee to iced coffee; these are the things that are keeping me happy.

Friday is a comin’ and we all deserve a treat, right? I may be known to swap out a nutrition-dense lunch or dinner in favour of gelato or something of a similar chilly variety. This habit has become frequent enough that I feel confident to say that I’ve found the best cold treats in the city. Time to share!

It’s 4:00 somewhere, so whether it’s lunch or dinner, I recommend sneaking into the acclaimed Momofuku Noodle Bar for a booze-filled (and quite deadly) slushie. There are usually two flavours on rotation, and on a recent visit Kelly and I tried both and agreed that the soju slushie is the way to go. Don’t be shy: order the large.

slushieFor the self-serve frozen yogurt fans out there, Yogurt Spoon can’t be beat. They don’t use any powdered flavours, only the real, whole ingredients (one employee confided in me that that use skim milk and Astro yogurt) and you can really taste the difference. You may not have 32 flavours to choose from, but the quality is far superior to the Menchies of the world. My favorites are the pink grapefruit, the tart, and the green tea. They have one  standalone location on Yonge St. and have opened up a mini-location in a convenience store on St. Patrick just north of Queen St. W.

Picture from

Picture from

When I visit Farmer’s Markets, festivals and food trucks around the city, I always make a pit stop at Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops. Toronto-based and all homemade, the flavours are in constant rotation using seasonal ingredients. This week’s batch includes rhubarb lemonade, raspberry lemon ginger, and strawberry lemon cheesecake. They are never too sweet, so you can count the treat as a piece of fruit, ya know what I’m sayin’?! I recently found out that The Depanneur at College & Dufferin is stocking the Ice Pops if you don’t feel like traveling around the city trying to find Augie :)


My last category is gelato and I have three favorites worth sharing. They are all incredible and all made in-house: G for Gelato (Jarvis & Adelaide) has an incredible variety and I swear by the coconut and the pink grapefruit. Dessert Trends Bistro (Harbord & Brunswick) doesn’t always have a huge selection, but I’ve never had a bad flavour. The sour cream lemon has been my favorite to date. Check out their beautiful rooftop terrace that is hidden from street level to enjoy your treat. Finally, and particularly for the sorbet, SOMA is a must try! They’ve got two locations, one in the Distillery District and another store on King W., just past Spadina. SOMA goes above and beyond and uses local, seasonal fruits for their sorbets. The last time I visited, I had the Ontario Strawberry and mint sorbet.


Am I missing any gems in the city? Please share them!!


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