“School” supplies for adults

I am totally one of those stationary geeks who loved shopping for school supplies like most kids loved Toys R’ Us.  Although I didn’t go back to school this week, that didn’t stop me from making an office supply wish list (and secretly hoping my mom would show up to take me shopping).  If, like me, the fall air has you longing for a fresh backpack full of pencil crayons and crisp notebooks, then why not indulge in some more grown up school supply shopping and take this opportunity to redesign your home office, organize all those magazine clippings, write some old fashioned letters, or start a new creative pursuit.

If getting organized is your thing, Russell and Hazel’s linen trimmed recycled binders with metallic reinforced tips and erasable white board interiors are the gold standard in binders.  Not quite ready to file away those inspiration pages?  Pretty up that pinboard with some handpainted butterfly push pins and stay organized with Knock Knock’s task specific paper clips.  Keep your desk organized with a minimalistic bamboo desk set and a cheeky stapler, and when you need to transfer files from your computer, do it in style with a skelton key usb.

school suppliesFor those seeking creative inspiration, there’s nothing like a fashion forward pencil or graphic pen to get those ideas flowing.  Store your writing utensils in a cheeky pen holder that demands productivity and keep your pencils writing ready with a sharpener in the shape of an old fashioned camera.  To add a quick and easy creative touch to paper goods, binders and gifts, you can’t beat metallic sharpies , decorative wasaii tape, and individual alpha stamps (essentials in a DIY toolbox).

school supplies1

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