New App: My City Muse

This summer has been ridiculously busy for both Kelly and I.  We capped off the end of the season with an amazing, debaucherous weekend with our friends at Two Islands Weekend (and for future years, this is an event not to be missed!). After a week of TIFF films, things may settle down a little come next week (well.. maybe not for Kelly who’s knee deep in wedding planning). I am excited to start having some downtime in the city again and start exploring and sharing my new-found awesomeness.

My explorations in the art world will start with the help of My City Muse. The newly launched app for your iPhone (coming soon for Androids) is a dream for fine art lovers in Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco and New York, with more cities to be added. The app was created by Sean Green, a University of Toronto Engineering alum and self-professed newbie to the art world.


The premise is simple: using GPS technology to determine your location, open the app to show pictures of artwork in nearby galleries. Tap on a picture to reveal the name of the piece, the artist and the gallery information to go and see it in its flesh.

My City Muse is exciting for so many reasons. Not only will it expose me to new galleries and artists, but with growing popularity, it should help drive sales of art in smaller galleries and artists around the city.  While galleries pay a subscription fee to be included in the app’s Rolodex of art,  inclusion in the app should increase foot traffic to these galleries, helping to drive sales.

From the moment I opened My City Muse, I was sold. If you read my short list of films to see at TIFF this year, you’ll recognize the name Vivian Maier. A documentary was made about Maier, an American who grew up in France and is tenderly known as America’s first street photographer. Like so many artists, critical acclaim for her photography really only came after her death in 2009.


My City Muse revealed some very compelling black and white portraits on my iPhone, and after tapping for more information about these pieces I discovered a Vivian Maier exhibit titled “Out of the Shadows” being shown at the Stephen Bulger gallery at 1026 Queen Street West in Toronto, no doubt timed to coincide with the world premier of the documentary based on her life at the Film Festival. The exhibit is only on until September 14th, so get yourself there soon if you’re interested!

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