Toronto’s 2013 Nuit Blanche

nuit_bla_white300Nuit Blanche: the night where we all get to be art affectionados. Whether you want to sit back and observe or get in there and create; whether you want to connect with strangers or have a fun night out with friends, sometimes all it takes is a little pre-planning, patience and determination, but there is something for everyone. This all-night art event gets bigger with each passing year and has had me staying away the past couple of years, mostly because of the unpredictable weather in mid-October. But tomorrow, Saturday October 5th, at 6:51 pm I am going to hit the streets of the city and explore. With reports calling for the weather to be a balmy 18 degrees, there’s no reason not to!

Over 110 artists will be participating and rather than traipsing across the city (often resulting in people losing steam as the night goes on), most of the installations will be found in the city’s core between Front and College and between Church and University. If you fear the crowds and aren’t one for late nights, don’t worry, there is a list of projects that will be on display for an extended period until Oct. 14th for you to visit. So yes, after the chaos you’ll still have an opportunity to visit the famous Ai Weiwei exhibit that has the city talking.

In preparation for my night, I’ve read through most of the descriptions and come up with a great list that has me excited to take on the night and get artsy. Don’t forget to follow along on Twitter with #snbTO to hear what’s making people go WOW! You’ve got all night to run around and check out the buzz-worthy installations!

NB collageFor taking art a bit more seriously:

Gladstone Hotel’s Fly by Night: The exhibit at the hotel will bring together dozens of artists across various disciplines in a 120hour tour-de-force exhibition.

My Virtual Dream explores the connection between the brain and music.. it’s participatory so go see what kind of music your thoughts can create!

Queen of the Parade, 2013 will have you question your ideas of femininity with a 20-ft depiction of a typical parade queen.

Scenes from the great Edward Burtynksy’s Watermark will be screened, which explores humanity’s interaction with the world’s most precious resource: water.

Get involved:

Paint By Number at gallerywest will show a Saskatchewan landscape being used to create paint-by-number outline of the prairies, forests and lakes. There’s an interactive component which has me thinking we get to fill in the blanks!

Postcards from the Future: The Drake hotel is bringing together a variety of artists using many different mediums to represent the artists’ visions of the future (look out for surprise performances)!

Eco Nuit Parade: This exhibit uses bioart (living biology as the medium) to form a parade. Join, watch, create! Find them on the grass in front of CAMH on Queen West.

13:  In honour of the year 2013, artists explore the fear behind the number 13 at the Propeller Centre for Visual Arts.

The n Games: If you love board games, then you’ll be excited to join this exhibit of in invented sports from the Vancouver-based group called Launch. Play or participate. Who knows, maybe you can add your own rules, too.

Give your tired legs a rest:

The TIFF Bell Lightbox will be screening YouTube’s most cringe-worthy moments.

Using excerpts from Proust and Hemingway, the installation titled The Somnambulist will show how beautiful poetry has been used in the material world for advertising.

To Whom It May Concern will have you text messages to the universe and have them read aloud by artist Travis Freeman. Can we Torontonians use technology to bring us closer to nature?

Observe or join the group meditation led by beekeepers at the AGO at Your Temper, My Weather. Over 100 local apiarists consider the relationatios between their temper and the weather.

Or if you need a break from the art, go to one of these 20 bars open and serving until 4:00am to help keep you going, courtesy of BlogTO.

Go late at night for the perfect Instagram shot:

The Other side of the Gardiner – the highway will be lit up like you’ve never seen it before.

Lightbridge:  If only they would leave these lights for fun late night walks!

Hybrid Globe, 2013: I’m not-so-secretly hoping that some turntables will make an appearance and transform Queen’s Park into a big dance party around this fluorescent globe.

Pink Punch v.2, 2013: The trees in the First Canadian Place courtyard will be lit up with pink LEDs for both the pleasure of our eyes and protection of the trees. Part art, part environmental and sure to create an eery ambiance in the middle of the financial district.

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