Zocalo Bistro

It’s no secret that we are big fans of food here at Things That Are Awesome. That said, eating out in Toronto can sometimes be hard on the old wallet, particularly when you factor in a fondness for boozy cocktails and good wine.  Which is why today’s post is about a true Toronto gem.  One of those totally understated spots with incredible food, an unpretentious atmosphere, and crazy reasonable prices.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Zocalo Bistro: your new go to restaurant in the Junction triangle (formerly known as Bloordale).


Photo credit goes to BlogTO for this one. My iPhone didn’t do the charming interior justice and my SLR wasn’t invited to dinner.

This place has been around for a while, so I suppose I’m giving myself too much credit when I claim to be making an introduction.  That said, the dinner service and liqour license are relatively new and the restaurant is so unassuming that I’m going to go ahead and assert it hasn’t had the attention it deserves.

The restaurant’s menu is relatively small, seasonal and full of interesting flavour combinations.  I was there at what I can only assume was the final days of the summer menu and am itching to get in before fall turns into winter.  Key menu components are a series of starters, a small selection of entrees, and Zocalo’s specialty, broken bread (or deconstructed) sandwiches.  As a big fan of the “snack plate” dinner, I fell hard for the incredible spread of artisinal breads, protein, gourmet condiments and veggies that proved to be my deconstructed sandwich.  

photo (8)

Our group of four shared the cheese plate appetizer (which I would absolutely recommend), as well as a couple of the summer entrees and the deconstructed bread plates (which our server was kind enough to combine onto large sharing platters). I loved the family style presentation (no doubt because it meant I got to sample more food than I would otherwise) and appreciated how well the flavours complemented each other.

The best part?  Our awesome meal, with drinks, only cost us about $20 a person.  At the time of this post, the website wasn’t yet up and running, so you’ll just have to trust me.  Open every day except Tuesday for breakfast, lunch and dinner at 1426 Bloor St W.  See you there!


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