About Us

Disenchanted with our 9-5’s and seeking a creative outlet, we created this blog back in 2011.  We then forgot all about it for a year until a string of awesomeness (and a realisation about the amount of time we devote to reading other people’s blogs) prompted a blogging resurgence.  Welcome to thingsthatareawesome.com – an online repository of people, places, and things that two Toronto based culture-junkies find awesome.

We love delicious food, beautiful art, inspiring fashion and design and trying to recreate all three in our homes and on a budget!  We also love music, but with the exception of the odd harmonica riff, try to leave that to the experts.

Robyn’s current obsessions include colour blocking, ice cream, and everything that happens in Trinity Bellwoods Park. She is also always busy dreaming up her next vacation (Morocco, anyone?). You can follow her on twitter and pinterest and instagram!

Kelly hates matching, loves mustard yellow and couldn’t live without her iphone and an undeservedly excessive restaurant budget.  You can follow her on twitter and pinterest and instagram too!

We’d love to hear your comments, questions, etc.  You can contact us at emailusawesome @ gmail.com.

In San Francisco on our pilgrimage to Coachella 2012.

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