“School” supplies for adults

I am totally one of those stationary geeks who loved shopping for school supplies like most kids loved Toys R’ Us.  Although I didn’t go back to school this week, that didn’t stop me from making an office supply wish list (and secretly hoping my mom would show up to take me shopping).  If, like me, the fall air has you longing for a fresh backpack full of pencil crayons and crisp notebooks, then why not indulge in some more grown up school supply shopping and take this opportunity to redesign your home office, organize all those magazine clippings, write some old fashioned letters, or start a new creative pursuit.

If getting organized is your thing, Russell and Hazel’s linen trimmed recycled binders with metallic reinforced tips and erasable white board interiors are the gold standard in binders.  Not quite ready to file away those inspiration pages?  Pretty up that pinboard with some handpainted butterfly push pins and stay organized with Knock Knock’s task specific paper clips.  Keep your desk organized with a minimalistic bamboo desk set and a cheeky stapler, and when you need to transfer files from your computer, do it in style with a skelton key usb.

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Urban Patio Prep

Given the weather we’ve had so far this spring, I’m not optimistic that the sun is here to stay quite yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from preparing for patio season.  While many of us Torontonians don’t have the luxury of a sprawling backyard, even the smallest balconies can be transformed into luxurious summer escapes.  Here are a few of my favourite inspiration photos and some resources to help get you started on your own planning.

1) Bohemian Balcony

patio one

Keep it relaxed and comfortable with a basic black and white sectional, then add some whimsy with these awesome mosiac tables from West Elm.  Throw in some plant life, a few colourful outdoor throw cushions, an Ikea lantern or two, and bam – an eclectic outdoor chill space.

2) Elegant Oasis

patio 3

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Faux Faux Taxidermy

Faux taxidermy has been a major trend in home decor over the past several years and remains a staple in the list of hipster home essentials.  While I love the texture that 3D decor adds to a gallery wall and am oddly not opposed to hanging faux heads on my wall, the stag head has been more than a little bit overdone and I can’t bring myself to jump on the antler bandwagon this late in the game.  Hence the title of today’s post: “Faux, faux taxidermy”, or if you prefer, “Alternatives to the stag head cliche.”

Toronto Life’s feature on the home of designer Courtney Wotherspoon was the inspiration for today’s post.  Wotherspoon’s Parkdale home features an oversized “DEER” print mounted over the couch in a cheeky nod to the aforementioned trend.  This clever print got me thinking about other ways to put a unique spin on this pervasive trend.  Check out my roundup of alternatives below.

Deer painting

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Fancy Plaid

Although I don’t love the cold, I do love a lot of the things that come with it:  snow, fireplaces, apple cider, Christmas and… you guessed it, plaid.  For me, plaid is inherently a cold weather pattern, intended to be worn in deep, dark colours, layered with sweaters, and accented with distressed leather, denim and/or faux fur.  I would, if the resultant look wasn’t quite so “lost in the city lumberjack”, wear my indigo and red plaid flannel shirt, boyfriend jeans, and lace up leather boots all winter.  Fortunately for me, designers this season seem to share my love of plaid and have brought us a variety of ways to dress up our comfies and incorporate tartan into even the most formal of outfits.  From shoes to coats, I bring you plaid: the runway and the real way.

The Runway

Michael Kors


Dries Van Noten


Alexander McQueen mcqueen

The Real Way

From your shoes to your purse, plaid need not be limited to button ups.  Add just one piece,  layer up with contrasting colours, or be bold and embrace the tartan from head to toe.  Anything goes!

PicMonkey Collage

Top row: Denim & Supply dress by Ralph Lauren, Janey Flat by J Crew, purse from Lulus
Middle row: Club Monaco suit, Anthropologie jacket
Bottom row: J Crew tartan pants, American Apparel chiffon skirt, Barbour Valerie gloves

Gentlemen, don’t worry, you can play too.  Go beyond basic flannel and amp your plaid up a notch with a blazer, a bowtie, or if you’re brave, a pair of tartan trousers.


Top row: Club Monaco Suit, Cole Haan Air Colton wingtips, Zara blazer
Middle: Tie Bar bow tie
Bottom row: J Crew tie, J Crew shirt, Zara pants

And there you have it: plaid, all winter long.