Fall fashion trend: Sneakers

Rumour (i.e. the internet) has it that fall fashion is giving us ladies a break this year with sneakers and ball caps making their way onto the trend forecast.  While I’m all for comfort, the mere thought of Jerry Seinfeld makes me cringe and I take it as a personal affront when I see otherwise put together individuals walking down Bay street in a suit and sneakers (this is what flats are for ladies!).  So let’s be clear: “sneakers” as fashionable footware does not include your running shoes, hiking boots, or anything you would wear inside of a gym.  It does include Chuck Taylors of pretty much any style and colour, Kate Spade’s new line for Ked’s (dying), Liberty of London’s Nike collection, or, if you prefer some fancy with your sneakers, Yves Saint Laurent’s silver studded hightops.

2013-08-28Top: Kate Spade for Keds, Vans, Converse, Tory Burch; Middle: Liberty of London for Nike, Top Shop, Converse; Bottom row: Isabel Marant, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Hardy, Valentino

If you’re not sure you can pull off this trend, check out blogger Sincerely Jules for some inspiration.  This girl wears kicks like they’re Louboutins (to be fair, I’m pretty sure she could make Uggs look good). Continue reading

Cozy up for Fall

It’s a tired, grumpy, in my pjs by 7pm kind of night.  Although not typically such a grump, I find that the urge to hunker down and cuddle up is a natural consequence of fall.  I don’t know if it’s simply part of our biological make up, but a love of sweaters and boots seems almost universal to Canadians.  Perhaps it’s less about loving fall than it is fearing for winter, but whatever the reason, I know I’m in a hibernation kind of mood.  If you need some help embracing the dropping temperatures, check out my must have cozy list:

1) Giant, comfy sweaters.  Since this blog tends to err on the girly side, here’s a tip for our male readers: Top Man (now at the Bay) has the BEST fall sweaters.  I’m a sucker for cardigan style sweaters and Top Man’s cable knits and faux suede patches seriously amp up the cute factor.  Both of the gentlemen in my house own one and I’ve got my eye on one of the patterned versions for myself.

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Must Find: Fall Shopping List

After some time spent scouring through fall fashion magazines and posts on websites, I’ve got my shopping list and am ready to hit the stores. I’m hoping to score a few of the items featured in this fashion board that I’ve created on Polyvore: a leather A-line skirt, new booties, anything peplum, ox-blood coloured accessories and some metal-capped flats.

Most of of these items are really reasonably priced (pants are $24 at H&M! One-shouldered sweater is $24 online!). To see where you can get these specific items, check out the image board.

Now that my wish list is complete, bring on the shopping!!

Back to Work

This September I’m heading back to work after a delightful five month experiment with retirement.  Since I haven’t been working my fall fashion budget is essentially non-existent, but since for the first time ever I’ll be working in a truly business casual office (yay!), I plan to justify a few colourful purchases to complement my existing collection of boring black and grey suits.  Here’s what I’m envisioning said purchases will look like (yes – there is a reason it looks like a J-Crew ad!):

Since my commute to work will also be a little further, I’m also toying with the idea of a new bike purchase.  I have always been in love with Linus bikes, but the fact that the Dutchie is now available in kelly green makes it tough to beat.

Unfortunately for me, the green is only available in 1-speed, which kind of defeats the purpose of getting a new commuter bike.  Is there such a thing as a bike that looks like a vintage cruiser, rides like a lightweight road bike, and handles potholes and trails like a heavy duty mountain bike?  Suggestions please knowledgeable readers!

Hump Day: My End of Summer To-Do List

Is there anyone else who finds themselves getting anxious when you look at the date, still hoping it will be August 1st – not the middle of the month? All the plans I had for the summer!! Where did the time go?? We’ve got a few more precious weeks to squeeze in our summer activities before it cools down. Here’s what I want to fit in:

1) The Picasso Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario:  How have I not been yet? Embarrassing, really. It ends on August 26th and I hear that it is very worth forking over some cash for the audio tour, which adds a lot to the experience. You can book your tickets and timed entry ahead of time on their website, too.

2) More croquet!! As a member of the esteemed Royal Canadian Croquet Society – Toronto Chapter (!!!), I need to play more croquet with friends in Trinity Bellwoods while the people watching is still good and summer spirits are high.


3) Promise Sundays. Most Sundays in the summer, there’s a chill party happening hidden away at Cherry Beach. Hammocks, frisbees, new friends and a changing roster of DJs promises a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Dance or lay on a blanket, but relaxing and re-energizing for the week ahead is the idea. Every Sunday I mean to go, maybe this one is it!

4) Find new fall frames.  I wanted to hit the new season with a fresh face, but can’t seem to find the perfect glasses. The hunt continues.. These two pairs are on my short list:

5) Gusto (101 Portland St.) – I hear their patio can’t be beat, that they have wine on tap that they sell by the ounce (for $1/ounce), and that they make a mean kale salad. Plus, if the pizza is anything like its sister restaurant, Cafe Nervosa in Yorkville, I’ll be a happy camper. I must get there while it’s still warm enough to sit outside!