Cooking with Gwyneth: It’s All Good

A couple of weeks ago I started the self-titled “Gwyneth diet”. ‘Cause you know.. if I eat like her I’ll start to look like her, right?? For a while now, I’ve been a subscriber of Gwyneth Paltrow’s weekly lifestyle newsletter called GOOP where she often publishes her own favorite and her famous chef friends’ favorite recipes. Some of these recipes are complicated and include ingredients I’ve never heard of, while some are surprisingly simple. Truth is, I had never tried to make any of them until I got my hands on Paltrow’s latest cookbook titled “It’s All Good”.

gwyneth-paltrow-its-all-good-cookbookI’d heard great things about the recipes but to be frank, I only half believed the hype. Immediately after getting the cookbook (cheaper at Costco, by the way!), I crawled into bed and read the entire book cover to cover. The photography is beautiful and hilariously features Gwynny and her kids, you know.. shopping at the market, picnic’ing on the beach and riding scooters. Just like you and I…

Ok, back to the cookbook.┬áThe single most impressive thing about it is that each recipe is simple: they require 5 or 6 ingredients, they use your basic kitchen tools and they don’t take too much time. There are a couple of less familiar ingredients used throughout the book (namely, chillies in adobo sauce and gochugaru, coarse Korean red chilli flakes), but they are used time and again and make it worth the trip to Kensington Market/Chinatown to hunt down to have on hand in your pantry. The recipes are all dairy-free, healthy and clean, and usually gluten-free with vegan substitute recommendations. Continue reading