Renovation & Decorating Inspiration

Moving into a new home offers a creative carte blanche and an opportunity to start from scratch to redefine your living space. With my recent move, words could not be more true. I’m dreaming up my domestic utopia and slowly watching these dreams become realized with the help of my super handy father, contractors, and a myriad of design and decorating websites.

If you’ve been through renovations before, then you understand that every single decision feels like a major, life-changing one!¬† I’ve been reading up on every minuscule detail of my designs and can now sympathize with the difficulties that come along with things like choosing white paint or how many drawers should go into a built-in closet. I thought I’d share some of these websites that have helped me so much.


Houzz has been the perfect starting point for each project I undertake. The website is a depository of thousands of pictures related to anything you can dream up around your home. From entire rooms to kitchen cabinets to door mats, there will be thousands of searchable pictures to provide you with design inspiration. I ended up buying a grey leather couch and have been looking at pictures of different coloured rugs to see which I like best to match. Browse by room, item and style and say goodbye to hours at a time!


You can also create ideabooks (I prefer Pinterest for this) and get contractor information (for which I’ve used HomeStar), so there is plenty of functionality on this home design platform.

Apartment Therapy

Once you get an idea of what you like style-wise, I’d make the jump to Apartment Therapy. Like Houzz, Apartment Therapy is a great website with a ton of pictures, but what stands Apartment Therapy apart is the advice it gives you for each design dilemma you may have. On a budget? There’s a post on cheap DIY projects. Have a small kitchen? Apartment Therapy will¬† show you how to maximize space. Have a yellow couch you love? Let them show you how to best decorate around your statement piece. You get the idea.


Once you’ve figured out your design aesthetic, I love Apartment Therapy’s look-books (pretty sure I’m Happy Modern and Kelly is Eclectic Collector). Continue reading