Keep Cool as a Cucumber

This week has been a hot one!! My attempts at keeping cool this week have included frequent trips to the Hipster Pool (open until 11:45 each night this week!), margaritas & cervezas galore, and making the swap from my morning brewed coffee to iced coffee; these are the things that are keeping me happy.

Friday is a comin’ and we all deserve a treat, right? I may be known to swap out a nutrition-dense lunch or dinner in favour of gelato or something of a similar chilly variety. This habit has become frequent enough that I feel confident to say that I’ve found the best cold treats in the city. Time to share!

It’s 4:00 somewhere, so whether it’s lunch or dinner, I recommend sneaking into the acclaimed Momofuku Noodle Bar for a booze-filled (and quite deadly) slushie. There are usually two flavours on rotation, and on a recent visit Kelly and I tried both and agreed that the soju slushie is the way to go. Don’t be shy: order the large.

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Sweating out the Solstice

Despite the soaring temperatures we’ve seen in Toronto over the past several weeks, summer didn’t officially start until today.  Appropriately enough, the summer solstice has been marked by the issuance of an extreme heat alert issued by the city.  Here are some ways we like to keep cool when the temperatures soar:

1) Take a dip in the icy cold waters of the public pool at Alexandra Park (aka the “hipster pool”).  If submerging yourself in sub zero temperatures isn’t your thing, the pool also has a big (albeit concrete) deck that’s great for people watching / continuing the commentary on the impossibility that skinny denim cut offs make for even remotely comfortable swim wear. For other (free!) outdoor public pools around the city, check out the City of Toronto’s website.

2) Take refuge on a shaded patio.  Some of our regular watering holes:  Betty’s on King East, Fuel House in Little Italy, Victory Cafe in Mirvish Village, The Bellevue and Ronnie’s in Kensington Market and The Queen and the Beaver right in the core near the Eaton Centre.

3) Bike/ferry ride to Toronto Island to picnic and frolic in the comfort of the blissful breeze off the lake.  If you get really desperate, the Island is home to several filthy fountains whose cooling powers might theoretically outweigh the risk of water borne disease. And if you get really daring, head to Hanlan’s Point and try out the nude (and mostly gay) beach!

4) ICE CREAM!!!  We have a serious weakness for the stuff and hot weather is the perfect excuse to indulge.  Personally, I’m partial to anything that combines sweet and savoury (hello salted caramel!) while Robyn gravitates towards tea based concoctions (earl grey is a favourite) and anything else that sounds, well, unique.  In other words, we’re not talking about making a trip to DQ.  Our favourites:  Ed’s Real Scoop (Leslieville), the Boreal Gelato Co. in Parkdale (try the anise flavour), SOMA (Distillery District), Dessert Trends (on Harbord) and Cool Hand Luc (on King West).

5) The ol’ backyard hose.  When the thermometer passes the mid thirty mark I’m not above stripping down to my bikini and running through the hose in the backyard 5-year-old styles.  In fact, it’s already happened once this year and it was delightful :)