Colouring Books for Grown Ups

Although I’ve long been a sucker for pretty stationary and writing utensils, nothing gives me quite as much pleasure as cracking open a new package of crayons or coloured pencils.  Remember those giant three level Crayola boxes with the sharpener in the back?  The fancy 60 packs of Laurentian pencil crayons that flipped open to create their own stand?  LOVE.  To this day, my favourite part of signing up for an art class is checking off the items on the supply list.  Last year someone gifted Robyn this amazing Indie Rock Colouring Book.

One night after a couple glasses of wine at Robyn’s place we busted out the crayons and went to town.  I’m not sure why we’re not still doing this all the time, but the memory (and the discovery of #1, below) inspired me to put together a list of my favourite grown up colouring books.  Go ahead and splurge on the Crayolas – you know you want to.

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