Current Obsessions

Although I will  readily adopt a trend when it fits well with my general style and aesthetic, I tend to think of myself more as a creature of habit, at least when it comes to the basics.  Despite a closet full of clothes, my day to day uniform doesn’t vary much (skinnies, my falling apart riding boots, and some combination of stripes/chambray with a scarf/cardi); I keep my linens white; paint walls grey; and believe in mustard accents in every room of the house.  This relatively simple palate facilitates my love of re-decorating and accessorizing and I’ve currently found myself obsessing over certain accents that I am itching to incorporate into my home/wardrobe.

Marquee lights – Perhaps it’s a (relatively) new found love of vintage, the year-round Junction Flea, or some unknown and repressed memories of the circus, but I have been obsessing over marquee lights for sometime now.  This obsession has me coveting a lofty space filled with exposed brick walls to properly showcase these pieces, but since a move isn’t in the cards any time soon, I have plenty of time to keep searching for the perfect piece.  If my obsession is contagious, check out Etsy for both vintage and reproduction marquee signs or make yourself a custom piece with these DIY instructions from the folks over at Oh Happy Day.


Polka dots 
– To be honest, I didn’t think that polka dots were a current obsession so much as a life-long love, but the very first thing out of my boyfriend’s mouth when I asked about my current obsessions was “polka dots.”  I inquired as to whether I wasn’t always a fan of dots, but was informed that I’ve been particularly obsessed as of late.  A quick glimpse into my closet revealed about  a dozen dotted items, from jeans, through blouses and skirts, and I know a further look would reveal a polka dot weekend bag, multiple pairs of tights, and a scarf or two, not to mention the blanket I’m curled up in right now.  I will forever love Kate Spade and Marimekko for their shared love of dots and would likely have a kitchen filled with dotted dishes if not for the restraint exercised by the man of the house.


Clockwise (sort of) from top left: Alice & Olivia top, Ikea bedding, Marimekko pants, Kate Spade Dress, Marimekko for Converse hightops, Hue tights, Toms shoe, Kate Spade watch, Marimekko coat, Kate Spade dishes and Marimekko pillow.

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