Holiday Gift Guide: For the Person Who has Everything

Got one of those pesky people on your shopping list who seems to have everything (or worse, not like anything)?  You’ve come to the right place!  We’ve rounded up a list of gifts – from the quirky to the luxurious – sure to please even the most difficult friends and relatives.

under $25

1) You’ve heard it from us before – Etsy is a gift giving goldmine.  If you know anything at all about a person’s likes or dislikes, simply type it into the search bar and wait for the magic to happen.  You can also browse by type of item (i.e. art, housewares, accessories, etc.) or get your inspiration from the site’s daily handpicked items.  If you don’t know where to start and are in need of ideas, simply click on Gift Ideas and check out the amazing curated collection, organized by topic/recipient.

2) For the person who truly wants for nothing, a donation made in their name is a wonderful way to honour them while giving back to those in need.  If the individual has an organization close to their heart, that’s a great place to start.  If not, Plan Canada is a fantastic non-denominational organization doing amazing work world wide.  Plan has an array of “gifts” available, from home birthing kits to cows.

3) Unless the person you’re shopping for is a total stick-in-the-mud, a board game is a fun and easy gift idea.  Many of the classic games (Scrabble, Monopoly, etc.) are available as special editions, particularly around the holidays.  For the social butterfly, simple games like Jenga and Pictionary can be loads of fun at parties and don’t require much in the way of concentration.  A new version of a childhood favourite can also be a fun way to shake things up (turns out Clue is a fundamentally different game when played as an adult).

4) One thing that people don’t seem to have much of these days are printed photos.  If your person who has everything is a digital camera user, chances are it’s been some time since they’ve sat down with a photo album of memories.  Getting some favourite shots printed or compiling an album is a priceless gift that will stay with the person forever.

5) For the hipster who has everything, steal some shots from their instagram account and turn them into super cute square fridge magnets.  Only $14.99 for a sheet of 9 with free worldwide shipping via Stickygram.

6) Although art can be tough to buy for another person, a small, unique print is also a great gift for someone who seemingly has everything.  Society6 features the work of thousands of artists from around the world and small prints are typically under $25.  If you’re not sure you’re ready to pick out a wall hanging, you’ve also got the option to turn i-phone cases, tees and tote bags into custom works of art.


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Fall Goal: Fatness to Fitness

The gym.  It’s a place I vaguely remember attending a handful of times this summer when I had nothing but free time on my hands.  Now that I’m back at work I’m finding it nearly impossible to make exercise a priority, but the dropping temperatures and return of skinny jeans is necessitating a serious change in priorities. Enter lofty fitness goals that would typically be doomed to failure at the implementation stage.  If you’re anything like me in this regard, there are a couple of new smart phone apps out there that can help keep you on track.  And as an added bonus, I’ll introduce you to the magical blue ball that will help ease the pain when you put your atrophied muscles back to work.

First up, Gym-Pact.  This app lets you earn money for meeting your weekly fitness goals and fines you for each workout you miss .  Sign up with your credit card, make a pact of how many days you’ll work out per week, set the stakes of how much you’ll pay for each missed workout, check-in on your smart phone when you arrive at the gym/yoga studio/swimming pool/etc. and check out when you leave.  If you spend at least 30 minutes working out, the session counts towards your weekly goal. If you meet your goal, you profit, if you don’t, the collected fines get paid out to those who did.  The rewards and losses are generally relatively small, but if meeting your fitness goals also means paying for your weekly lattes, all the better!  The one major downside to Gym-Pact – that the check in function means you’re married to a verified facility – has recently been remedied by way of a partnership with RunKeeper.  Use RunKeeper to track your runs, walks, bike rides, hikes, ski runs, and more using the GPS in your smart phone.  Simply integrate RunKeeper with Gym-Pact, set your goals, and start making money off of other people’s fitness failures.

Here’s a sample screen shot:

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