No air conditioning? No problem!

It’s a scorcher out there today and with temperatures showing no sign of dropping this week, I thought it the perfect time to share some tips on how to beat the heat, even if, like me, you’re one of those unlucky souls suffering through the summer without the sweet reprieve of A/C.

Make a DIY air conditioner. Put a metal bowl of salted ice in front of a fan, and adjust the fan so that the air is blowing over the ice.  The salt decreases the temperature of the frozen water and as the ice melts, the surrounding air cools and is spread through the room by the blowing fan.  Make reuse even easier by freezing bottles of salted water at a proportion of 70 % water 10% rock salt and 20% air (to allow for expansion), then refreezing every day/night.

Embrace your inner child.  Even if you’re lucky enough to have your own green space, few of us in Toronto have the luxury of a private pool.  If you do have yard though, chances are you have a hose hook up.  Pick up a sprinkler at the nearest hardware store, suit up, and frolick the day away.  Come snack time, visit one of Toronto’s best ice cream shops or cool down with some homemade popsicles (I’m a big fan of pineapple mint) and an adult beverage.


Install stick on black out blinds.  Home Depot sells super cheap “Redi Blinds“, which can be cut with sharp scissors or an exacto knife for a custom fit.  Simply peel and stick on the inner edge of the window and block out those house heating rays.  I’ve covered four windows with one $15 package.  They can be clipped up when you want to let the sun in and taken down at the end of the season (or when you have a more permanent sun solution).  If you cut them properly, they actually look like expensive blinds and do wonders to keep sun soaked rooms cool.

Get minty fresh.  The fluorescent lights and general lack of air flow makes the bathroom one of the hottest rooms in my house.  I’ve relocated the hairdryer and my makeup bag to our air conditioned bedroom for the summer months and have taken to showering in the dark.  The bathroom has one saving grace though – cool water and rosemary mint shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  Nothing cools you down like washing away the heat of the day with some minty suds.  Check out Burt’s Bees or, if you’re on the West Coast, Salt Spring Soap Works for my personal favourites.

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