Keep Cool as a Cucumber

This week has been a hot one!! My attempts at keeping cool this week have included frequent trips to the Hipster Pool (open until 11:45 each night this week!), margaritas & cervezas galore, and making the swap from my morning brewed coffee to iced coffee; these are the things that are keeping me happy.

Friday is a comin’ and we all deserve a treat, right? I may be known to swap out a nutrition-dense lunch or dinner in favour of gelato or something of a similar chilly variety. This habit has become frequent enough that I feel confident to say that I’ve found the best cold treats in the city. Time to share!

It’s 4:00 somewhere, so whether it’s lunch or dinner, I recommend sneaking into the acclaimed Momofuku Noodle Bar for a booze-filled (and quite deadly) slushie. There are usually two flavours on rotation, and on a recent visit Kelly and I tried both and agreed that the soju slushie is the way to go. Don’t be shy: order the large.

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