Holiday Gift Guide: The World Traveler

I attended my first holiday party this Sunday which can mean only one thing – I’m already way behind in my Christmas shopping!!!  If you’ve gotten started but you’re stuck on some of the harder to buy for people on your list, stay tuned.  We’ve got a week’s worth of gift guides coming your way!  Up first, gifts for the World (or frequent) Traveler!

Under $25

If your traveler is off to a particular destination, travel guides are an awesome (and usually inexpensive) gift.  I’ve always been partial to Lonely Planet, but they do tend to get outdated quickly and often miss some of the best off-the-beaten-path destinations.  Before you buy, I recommend doing a google search or two to see what people are saying about the guides for that particular area of the world.  More generally, Lonely Planet also makes some awesome world books – I have a huge hardcover Travel Book with gorgeous photos and a one page info guide on every country in the world.  Robyn recently posted about some fabulous travel books that are helping her dream up her next adventure.

If you don’t know where the recipient of your awesome gift is headed, or if they don’t have any particular destination at all, we’ve compiled a list of items under $25 that are great tools for the traveler, many which would be as useful at home as away!

1) Luggage tags save you the hassle of having to full out paper labels every time you travel and also help you distinguish your luggage.  These classic Moleskin tags come in four colours and the trusty hardcover and signature elastic strap are sure to keep them securely attached.

2) One of the drawbacks of traveling alone is returning home with a camera full of scenic shots or too-close selfies.  The flexible tri-pod by Gorillapod is super-light weight and allows you to attach your camera to just about any surface/object/etc. and take sturdy timed shots.  Tripods are available for all different sizes/models of cameras, including SLRs.

3) A classic Victorinox swiss army knife is pretty damn useful no matter what you’re doing, but it becomes even handier when away from home without any of the basic tools you’d usually have on hand at home.  They come in a whole variety of colours and complexities, with the classic red retailing for just $19.99 at Canadian Tire.

4) This world map is an awesome gift who anyone who has traveled a lot even if they have no plans to leave again any time soon.  This map lets you scratch off all of the places you’ve visited, revealing a colourful patchwork underneath (available online via Uncommon Goods, Urban Outfitters and other retailers).

5) With the luxurious days of traveling with multiple heavy suitcases free of charge far behind us, a portable luggage scale is a pretty handy device.  This one by Heys is apparently the world’s lightest, so after making sure you’ll be allowed on your plane out, you can take it with you to make sure the souvenirs you picked up along the way haven’t weighed you down.

6) Even if you’re not normally a journal person, unless you’ve got a photographic memory I would never get on a plane without some sort of notebook to keep track of the places you see, things you eat, and people you meet.  There’s nothing worse than coming home from an adventure with 700 photos and not being able to identify anything you captured.  The I Was Here version is an illustrated, guided travel journal that encourages users to explore and appreciate the easily overlooked details (available at Urban Outfitters and among other retailers). 

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